Abundance Activation


Abundance Activation

Vyola Myst is a life-long student and teacher of consciousness, manifesting, and creating abundance. She is an Avatar® Wizard, and uses proven processes for releasing old patterns and beliefs and for assisting others in creating the life they want, that is in alignment with their highest.

Sessions for Abundance Activation, are 30-60 minutes long. Vyola Myst will activate your feeling to manifest what you desire for your highest good, and give you a take-home practice. The session includes a brief card reading, manifesting advice, and activation with Reiki, Avatar, and sound healing.

Sessions are in person or on the phone. The requested fee for 30 minute sessions is a sliding scale of $25-50. The requested fee for a 60 minute session is a sliding scale of $50-100.

This is Vyola Myst’s equation for creating abundance:

Truth + Trust +Gratitude = Abundance

Truth: Follow your true path, your own heart’s desire. Stay connected with Source to stay connected with yourself, and feel what you want to create; that’s how we manifest.

Trust: Believe that you are taken care of, and you will be. Beliefs create our reality; be aware of your beliefs and let go of those that don’t serve you. Affirm what you want daily.

Gratitude: Practice being grateful every day for what you have and what you are creating; it attracts more!