Bereavement Support


Bereavement Support

Since the passing of my son Jason in 2009, I have been called to assist others who have experienced the loss of a child or other loved one on this earth plane. I have felt the pain of losing someone so precious to me, I understand how the grieving process is so unique to each individual, and I am available to support others to connect with the spirit of their loved ones. Sessions include a combination of healing channeling, sound healing, and Avatar work (see Abundance Coaching), as we are guided to do to support the grieving process.

I am guided to offer one session by optional donation to anyone who has lost a child of any age. I know how difficult this type of loss is, and I want those who have lost children to know they have support.

In general, the requested fee for healing channeling sessions (in person or on the phone) is $60-120 per hour.

If you would like more information, see writings about Loss and Change, and to read about my book Messages from Jason.