Spiritual Guide Sessions

 Sessions with Vyola Myst empower, heal, and inspire. Her healing work is at a soul level, manifesting physically, emotionally, and spiritually. She channels healing from her dear son and spirit guide Jason, who has given her a direct link to the “other side” since his passing. The sessions are intuitively guided, using Reiki, sound and music, ritual, Avatar® processes, energy clearing, and connection with Spirit guides.

Sessions may be done in person or on the phone. The fee for healing channeling sessions with Vyola Myst is a sliding scale of $60-120 per hour.

From Vyola Myst, aka Michelle Herrera Foster:

My son Jason gave me the gift of channeling on August 6, 2009 when he passed to the other side after a car accident at the age of 17. In my painful grief-stricken state I received powerful energy and messages from him that were incredibly beautiful and healing ( I was told I would be working with him to serve as a bridge to the “other side”. My eternal love for him has anchored my connection to his new formless energy state, and this connection gives me greater access to other divine wise beings beyond our physical plane. I am in awe of the power of each person’s intuition and inner wisdom, and I am guided to help those who are ready to do this more fully.

Jason was an indigo child, a crystal child, with an innate understanding of oneness and a desire to see everyone understand the precious beings that they are. He followed his passion as a talented digital artist, music composer, poet, humorist, and percussionist. He left us with so many works that are well beyond his earthly years, and continues to inspire many to follow their passion (

I am so grateful that I have been able to fully receive Jason’s message in life and after he passed, which are also reflections of wisdom I have gained in my lifelong spiritual path. Since August 2011, two years after Jason’s passing, I have chosen to move from managing a prosperous technical writing and planning business to being a full time Spiritual Guide. I offer you my experience as a Reiki Master, Avatar Wizard, sacred sound healer, co-counseling guide, Zegg Forum facilitator, manifesting teacher, women’s group facilitator, world traveller, and other gifts.

Blessings on your journey,