Communicating with the Other Side


How do we communicate with the “other side”? I’m guessing the same ways we communicate and connect non-verbally with those alive, and more.

I felt Jason’s presence at the Thanksgiving table when I joked about how our dear vegetarian Jason could join us for the first time in this wonderful meal without getting repulsed by the smell of meat. Humor was always a way we connected. I could sense his joy with everyone’s laughter and lightness, reminiscing old times without needing to dwell on the loss.

I’ve written about how I have received messages from Jason (such as Message 29 Bridging the Worlds), and I have been curious about why some of the messages have been so clear, when so many people don’t receive as clear messages from their departed, and others received even clearer ones. I feel blessed to feel Jason with me, and also believe that anyone can connect with the other side if they believe they can.

I communicated best with Jason non-verbally when he was alive, and I believe that’s why I could communicate with him right away when he passed. When he was alive, he spent a lot of time on the other side, being a visionary, doing his creative work, not being as grounded on this plane, finding his way into adulthood with some resistance of being in the “real world”, and having profound spiritual experiences with his art and with Art of Living courses (including 5 days of silence a few weeks before he passed – I’ve never done that!). He already knew how to connect from that side, and he taught me when he was alive. I of course believed in the world of spirit outside the body for many years, with the Vedic and Buddhist philosophies and meditation and shamanic practices, and hanging out with my healer friends who speak about the world of spirit perhaps as much as the physical plane.

I’ve heard many bereaved parents say they wished they could connect with their child’s spirit, as if they weren’t already. Then I hear them share how they feel a blanket of peace in bed that feels like what it was like to be with their child, or see their child in a store, or feel them in their heart in a special way. I believe any of these ways of connecting is communicating with their spirit. When we recognize it as that, then we attract more connection. We shift to believing that we can connect.

I was awake at 4:44 AM after not being able to sleep and decided to tune into Jason. I looked at the digital clock again sideways, and saw the 4:44 upside down as hh:h. I got that sense that a communication was happening, and I heard Jason’s ha ha ha, just pulling my leg, lightening me up to help me sleep. It worked.

I got the message to write this blog. I’m being told I have a lot to share with others on a similar grieving journey, and with others who can benefit from my experiences in other ways. So I keep writing, and I know it is healing for at least one person – me.

Fake it til you make it. I wrote about this in Imagination 9/9/09.

When I want connection with Jason, I pretend he is there, communicating with him the way we used to, listening to music in the car as if he were enjoying it with me, making silly noises that he would return with 50-fold silliness and creativity, feeling him hug my back or cuddle with me on the couch with the TV. When we believe, we create.

Everything is energy. Quantum physicists have proven this. Our body is energy. Every matter is energy. Thoughts are energy. Beliefs are energy. Memories are energy. What’s the difference? The only difference is form and how we perceive the form.

If we can’t see it, we can assume it is not there. How often are humans told as children to stop making things up and grow up? What if we never got those messages? What if we were brought up the way Jason was, being able to experience the magic of everything “real” and “unreal” without being judged? I’m learning from the one I taught, without realizing what I was creating, and now reaping the benefits.

Then there are the numerous beliefs about what happens to the spirit after the body dies. Does it go to heaven? Does it go to hell? Does it linger on earth resolving unfinished business? Does it go right into another life? So if there is life after death, then that means we can’t connect with that person’s spirit anymore?

I believe that when the body drops, the ego-mind drops as well. The spirit is finally free of ego and limitations, able to expand and experience the infinite peace that perhaps wasn’t achievable in the body, that was tied to the active mind controlling perceived reality. The spirit may carry ego patterns with it to another life, and the next mind-body may pick up those old limitations to work out in that next lifetime.

I also believe time doesn’t exist. Scientists can’t prove it does. The movie What the Bleep talks about parallel universes and infinite possibilities at all times. I believe that the soul is available all the “time”, in the body, out of the body, in the next body. It is always available.

It is my goal to have soul communication when I am in my body, way before I die, trusting it continues when my body drops, and experiencing the unbounded wonder as much as possible NOW, in every moment. Connecting with Jason’s spirit, his essence, is giving me more access to what this feels like, and that is such a gift. I become more aware of the human limitations, and I am getting better at accepting them when I am not able to move past them. I hold myself, as I held Jason as a child when he had his tantrums, feeling so limited by his small young body. We all have so much to express in life!

So enjoy faking it til you make it, making what you want to create in your life, including connections with all the wonderful souls you find in this lifetime and beyond.