Grieving Affirmations


I was feeling agitated yesterday that I’ve had to go through all of this, losing my son, losing my only child, losing the opportunity to see him further flourish in life, and dealing with the grief and all the emotions and energy that come with all of it (with a sprained ankle thrown on top of the pile). I was tired, after working so hard to prepare for some major projects and travel; I haven’t been sleeping well, I’ve been missing Jason over the holiday break, and I was feeling very sensitive. I was complaining that I want my full energy back, I want to “move on”, and I still hurt sometimes.

It didn’t feel good to be agitated.

I reminded myself of all of the messages I’ve received and all of the affirmations I’ve used.

That felt much better.

I reminded myself that I can decide how I want to experience my reality. I let myself feel the agitation and watch it dissolve. I decided collecting affirmations for my grieving journey into one place might assist me. Here they are for now:

*I accept Jason’s death; it was his soul’s choice on his soul’s path. The higher plan may not be completely known to me, and I trust in his evolution and in what he is offering from the other side. I celebrate Jason’s life and spirit.

*I accept my soul path, and I am grateful for all I have received and trust in my evolution going forward. I celebrate my life and spirit.

*I see myself and others as spirit, as divine essence; the spirit is everlasting, as is the love and what we learn from each other.

*I am confident in my awareness and my abilities to release the old and create and allow the new.

*I know how to take care of myself. I work on maintaining balance and I tune in to what I need, ask for it, and trust I will get it. I attract the right support at the right time.

*I connect with Jason on the other side and know his energy is always with me.

*I connect with the oneness of everyone and everything; I am never alone.

*I ride the waves of grief with ease and calm, knowing I am healing, and trusting in the process. I believe that grief is a reminder of the deep love and connection Jason and I share.

*I experience every challenge in life as an opportunity to evolve and gain even more happiness. Every loss brings gifts. This is confirmed in retrospect.

*I connect with the other side, with the Divine, with Spirit, with my guides, in many ways, at any time. Love and gratitude bring me there easily.

*I am Being in the beauty of each moment.

Happy Loving New Year,