How We Manifest


How We Manifest

Our power to manifest has always been a passionate path of study and practice for me. I’ve concluded that there are many ways to create what we want in our lives, and the core of any process is FEELING.

When we fully feel what it feels like to have the reality we want to create, with no doubts or fears, then we have the power to manifest this reality.

So, how do we fully feel this, and how do we remove doubts and fears, especially if we don’t even know they are there? Let’s first look at the latter.

The mind is a wonderful tool, but, as we know, if left to its own the mind can get in the way. The mind is wonderful at creating fears, doubts, beliefs and stories that don’t support what we really want to create. Awareness of these mind patterns may be enough to dissolve them. For the more obstinate ones, there are proven processes for dissolving them. For example, my extensive Avatar® training spent more than 90% of the time on discreating beliefs to clear the path for creating what we want.

So it’s time in our evolution to give the mind a new job description! I ask my mind to help me choose where I want to put my attention, where it feels in alignment with the reality I want to create. Then, I ask my mind to help me create the reality in this area of attention, and to follow orders from my feeling and intuition. My mind isn’t the boss, it’s a servant. That’s a key difference!!

In my Avatar training, I learned how to release fixed attention. Whatever we put our attention on becomes our reality. Therefore, do we really want to choose to put our attention on what doesn’t feel good? Our mind does it, though, doesn’t it?! It’s on automatic, from old programming. Therefore, it’s important to reprogram our minds to put attention on what we choose.

Eckhart Tolle teaches about the pain body, and how “feeding” (giving attention to) the pain body makes it bigger. When we learn to not feed the pain body, it can dissolve away on its own. Abraham-Hicks teaches about the Law of Attraction, that we attract in our lives what we put ask for. They warn us to be careful about how we ask for what we want, and to ask for it in the positive mode. For example, when we ask not to have certain people we don’t like in our lives, they keep reappearing. When we ask for the type of people we want in our lives, then they manifest.

Now let’s explore FEELING. This is a practice of fully feeling the desired reality with our complete being, led by our heart (and not by our mind). Abraham-Hicks has taught us about the emotional guidance scale; when you feel good you are on the right track, and when it doesn’t feel good you are not on the right track. It’s very simple, but not always easy to do. It takes practice. It takes a command of your mind to be able to shift from a place that doesn’t feel good to a place that feels not only good but resonating with the feeling of the reality you want to create.

Here’s the bottom line. I believe that the only thing that truly exists is love, which is our intimate connection with all that is, with Source. When we feel love about what we want to create, we empower the potential to manifest the desired creation. So, stay in your heart and use your mind wisely!

It’s also very important to tune into your goal as supporting your highest good. Often we get an idea of something we want to create that sounds good, that the mind registers as logical and/or reminiscent of past goals or goals of someone else you respect, etc. We may believe having a new fancy car is what we want to create. It may be in your highest, but if we tune in we may discover that it doesn’t support the totality of the reality we want to create. For example, buying that car may exclude having the financial resources to go on our dream vacation or support another passion or desire.

Visioning is an effective process, where we take the time and devote full attention to feeling what we want to create. Create a sacred space, i.e. uninterrupted, comfortable quiet space with an altar or area of beauty and items that are special to you. Take some deep breaths and begin to still the mind with your breath or other meditation technique. Connect to Source and call in any spirit guides you work with, and ask to empty your mind of everything but what you want to create.

Now ask Source to help you feel what it would feel like to already have the reality you want to create. Feel the love of yourself in this new reality. Recall a time when you had this feeling, and bring it back. Let Imagination gets its play time, if this helps you get in touch with the FEELING. Think of what you want to create and allow your imagination to bring in any images, sounds, smells, and tactile feelings that create what it feels to have the reality you want to create. Your created reality may not resemble your vision, but the feeling will be the same. It’s important not to be attached to form!

Perhaps you want to attract the perfect job for you. Feel what it feels like to be in this perfect job. Recall a time when you had a job or performed an activity you loved, even moments of experiencing this is enough. Call back this feeling and allow yourself to fully feel it.

It’s very helpful to have a process to “activate” this feeling, to help you feel it fully, and to help you trust you will be able to feel this again anytime you want to, to continue your manifesting energy. As a sound healer, musician, and Reiki Master, I use these tools to activate this feeling for me and those I assist with this process. As a channeler, I call in spirit guides to help. You may find movement, essential oils, mantras, and other techniques can deepen your connection to this feeling.

It is also helpful to find an “anchor” for this feeling, to help you bring it back as a regular (daily) practice. The anchor might be an affirmation, an image, a memory, a physical object that reminds you of this feeling. Affirmations are most effective when they are stated in the positive and present. For example, “I have a job that feeds my heart and soul and feels perfect for me” is more effective than “I hope to have a job that won’t burn me out”.

In summary, these are the simple steps you can practice to manifest your desired reality, and create abundance in your life:

1) Feel what it feels like to already have created this reality. Do a regular visioning process to keep this feeling alive in you.
2) If you ever feel any fear, belief, judgment, doubt, or other negative thought that could block your manifesting, shift your awareness from that to something that brings back the feeling of creating what you desire.
3) Practice, practice, practice. Trust, trust, trust.
4) Enjoy your new reality!
5) Express gratitude and this will give you even more creating potential.

In awe and wonder of our creating potential,
Vyola Myst, Michelle Herrera Foster, Ph.D., 4/7/12