Love, Freedom, and Ascension


Love, Freedom, and Ascension

You are love.

That’s all you are. If you think you are somebody other than that, then it’s time to reassess and rediscover who you are. 2012 is a good time to do this!

Spiritual teachers tell us we are nothing, and we are everything. We lose our mind trying to figure that one out, and – guess what, losing our mind is the goal! If we surrender all our beliefs, all our judgments, all our fears, then there is nothing left but love.

That’s true freedom.

 I sat down to write about love and I realized I also am writing about freedom. When we are immersed in love, when we know that we are love, then we are free.

So, in order to communicate this clearly it’s important to give clear definitions of love and freedom, because these words have a lot of history and there are many points of view. To me, freedom is to be free of the perceived mind’s control. Recently, I found a definition of love in the book “Die to Love” by Unmani that I highly resonate with:

Love is the intimate connectedness with everything.

 When I know I am love, then I feel the Oneness. In truth, we are not separate because we are all love, we are all the source of love, we are all Source. Everything and everyone in our reality is created from consciousness by our minds. Our minds are wonderful things, but we are not what the mind creates. That’s a difficult one to really understand, until we feel it experientially, in our total Being. That’s why reading about it isn’t the way to understand it. We get it by experiencing it.

 Just be love.


Be the beloved.

 If we start by being love, then our reality is love and oneness. In her book “Die to Love” Unmani says we’ve had it backwards, thinking we do many things to still the mind, to process, to awaken, to continue “doing”, in order to feel that expanded experience of being Source. We don’t need to do anything, we just know that we are already here.

 We are love. From this place we create abundance.

 I discovered that love is all there is when my son Jason passed over in a car accident in 2009. Amidst the shock and incredible pain of loss, I felt his loving presence letting me know he was fine, and that I will be, too. I instantly felt peace. I surrendered to what is, and I was free. In this state of surrender to Source, I felt the most expanded states of love I have ever experienced. It was so overwhelming, at times I cried from the beauty more than from the loss. I learned that nothing truly exists but love.

 I’ve learned a lot about love and freedom from many teachers, and I believe my most powerful experiential learnings were from my son Jason, during his life and after he crossed over. I remember after his birth feeling so tied down with this small dependent being who needed to be taken care of constantly. I felt my freedom was being taken away. I was mistaken. It was exactly the opposite. I discovered that when I stayed in the love for this beautiful being that came into my life, that I chose to take care of, I felt free. I didn’t have many choices of things to do to fill up my work and social schedule, I knew what I had to do and that was freeing. Being in the love for my son taught me freedom.

 When Jason passed to the other side I “lost” the most precious thing in my life. I am very grateful that my world didn’t shrink to a place of believing that all was lost. Instead, I received messages from Jason that taught me that he was still there, and therefore I didn’t lose him, and there is no such thing as loss. There is only change in form. Transformation.

 There is nothing to lose.

 That’s freedom – knowing there is nothing to lose. Our minds occupy most of their unproductive time fixed upon past losses and worrying about future ones. The ultimate freedom is to be unafraid of death. Death happens every moment. Every moment we change. The present moment is all there is. We can prove that time doesn’t exist, so when we understand this there is no such thing as past or future, why dwell on this at all? Well, we do because we have creative minds that love to be used ad nauseum. We can also use our minds to choose to have different beliefs, and to let go of having to have any beliefs. To be “empty”, as the masters teach us. That’s freedom.

 A few weeks ago during Easter time I attended a channeling by Laarkma, who spoke about the ascension process. We are all undergoing ascension to other dimensions, to other realms that we can’t see or feel with the limited senses of our human bodies. 2012 is a time of letting go of our old beliefs that no longer serve us. They say the end of karma is here, and we have the opportunity to clear old unhealthy patterns from this life and previous lifetimes. The energy of ascension that is here at this time facilitates this process. They conclude by saying we are here to move toward freedom and be love. Listen to our hearts in each moment and we are free.

 We are love.

We are embodiments of love.

We are angels on this earth plane.

 So then, let’s simply be the angels we always wanted to be, that we already are! Let’s spread our wings.

 Feel free……………………………..

To be love……………………………