Message 1 from Jason, 8/7/09


Thank you for your prayers and healing energy – I feel you there with me.
I’ll forward this to others at some point, but I don’t know who knows about Jason’s passing yet, although I’m sure word spreads fast.

I had a profound connection with Jason last night, and I feel you will understand. It’s important that I pass this on to you ASAP. Please treat this as a sacred message.

I wasn’t able to sleep until 3 AM when I went to Jason’s room to get some sleep aids; I was afraid to go there because the energy has been overwhelming, especially seeing his things. Kule gave me some Reiki in my heart area, and I felt an incredible flow of fairy-like energy coming in to my heart. I knew it was Jason and it was so beautiful. I had felt it before when I was at the hospital after receiving the news today, but this was so much bigger.

His love is so big, and now that he isn’t in his body he is limitless. He wants everyone to know that it is so easy to let the love in, and he can help us see how we can become more limitless. He is inviting all of you who know how to connect with him energetically to let him in as fully as you can because he is sending healing energy to the planet from the other side. He was so happy to get through to me, and it was quite overwhelming, I was laughing and crying at the same time. Kule asked me what I can ask from Jason, and I asked him to tone it down a bit so I could sleep. He did, right away, it was amazing. Then I fell asleep. His love is magical.

Before I fell asleep I told him that I’m in this body with a nervous system and I don’t know if I can do his work fully right now and be his messenger. He gently let me know that he wants me to ask my dear friends to help with this, to receive him now, as soon as possible in this new state.

Jason is an old soul and maybe because he died so young this energy is so vital, he has so much to give, he knows how to do that better not limited by a body. He wants anyone who can access this energy to use it. He will help people connect with Spirit through him. He says it’s so easy, it’s just about love. He always told me to lighten up – what a teacher he has been.

I love you