Message 10 – Pay It Forward, 8/17/09


3:09 AM
9 = the Teacher – Let’s teach by example
9 = 3X3
If we spread the message to at least 3 people and they in turn spread it to at least 3 people, it will spread very quickly and vastly as in the movie Pay It Forward (one of Jason’s favorite movies).

Reflect on how special you are and how you follow your passion; meditate and ask for help to make sure you follow your passion.
Remind at least 3 people how special they are, and help them to follow their passion. Help them clear their limiting beliefs and create what they want; get help from others to do this. Make sure to pick people who need to know they are special or who are struggling with living their passion.
Ask them to do this with at least 3 people, and to continue the chain.

Also – Show Jason’s photography at to at least 3 people (including the 3 above) and ask them to ask 3 other people to do this, continuing the chain. Jason’s message comes over visually. He was able to capture the beauty of the essence of each person, place, or thing, no matter how dull it might appear to be. He did this by capturing the dream-like nature of his photography subjects; it is in the dream state that we connect with our spirit, infinite Self, Source – not with our minds.

Jason helped everyone he knew feel special, and humbly acknowledged his specialness in himself. He died suddenly at 17, but perhaps lived more richly than many do in 5X that amount of time. He knew how to live in the moment.

Please share your experience of this with me at and copy to put it on Jason’s memorial website (in progress.) I will include this in my book but I won’t use your names. I will share the info with Jason’s dad Chuck, and my beloved partner Kule unless you want it to be confidential). Donations to Art of Living (memo field: Youth Programs) can be sent to Michelle Foster at P.O. Box 304, Ipswich, MA 01938.

This is a gift to the people you Pay It Forward to, a gift to you, and a special gift to me and Chuck and Kule; we are committed to doing what we can to help heal the planet.

Jason gave me the gift and I am rekindling my passion to record my music and to teach spirituality in the workplace. I have been limiting myself in some ways, and I’m ready to be as limitless as possible. All Jason did was to follow his passion, and he has been one of my greatest teachers, a wise old soul. He also made me laugh more than anyone I know.

Jason’s Mom Michelle

P.S. Spreading the message is an important part of my healing process; I greatly appreciate your support in moving this ahead with me.
Message 10: 1=One, O= The Infinite