Message 11-11 – Love Is All There Is, 8/19/09


4:22 AM
4 (The Trinity plus teachers) + 22
22 = 11+11 Two gateways

I woke at 4:22 but wanted to sleep more, then get up when I saw the clock at 4:29
2 = Mom and Jason
9 = Completion

I’ve come full cycle with Jason. Last night I watched the video of his birth and released him back to whence he came, pure Spirit. It was very powerful for me, assisting with completion of the physical attachment.

Last night as we were going to bed I wanted to talk with Kule about Impermanence, but I was too tired to really talk and fell asleep.

When I got up at 4:29 I asked Jason about Impermanence, to help me accept this loss.

“Nothing is permanent, because nothing truly exists but Love. You still feel the love, right?”

I feel Jason’s love everywhere.

I am grateful to have done Avatar a year ago with Kule (for many reasons) – we use a phrase “The world is a reflection of me”. If we feel the love, then we see it everywhere. Great transformation happens, planetary healing. The Avatar Wizards course is about EPC – Enlightened Planetary Civilization; Kule and I have been planning to go in January for the 2-week course.

As I was going through Jason’s school papers to throw out piles of stuff he hadn’t, I came across a list of things he was considering doing an essay on for a recent English class. He listed photography and other passions of his. The last item on the short list was “Expanse of universe”. Cool kid.

I asked Jason how we can expand the universe within us?
“Be the infinite Being that you are. You will experience it all.”

Jason was very private – there were many things he didn’t tell his parents (and he appreciated our giving him space to grow and discover himself; he told his friends many things I would love to hear about sometime), and I think there were many things he told no one. He was very psychic and may have known things and didn’t tell others; they wouldn’t understand. Even when he was a little kid he had dreams he couldn’t tell us about, but they overwhelmed him. I believe he put all of this knowledge in his photos, his music, and his poetry, and we are getting this out for everyone to experience. The poetry will take a while to type up; Chuck and I will be going through his papers before we make them public.

It’s easy, from our earthly perspective, to think that Jason lived too short a time. However, time doesn’t exist. The only thing that is real is love – love for ourselves, love for others, for what we want to do (passion). Everything else is made up by the mind.

If we all love ourselves fully there is no need for unnecessary war. Some things like 9-11 perhaps need to happen to open up people’s hearts, to empower the love in the world.

Jason may help to communicate with others who left this plane, such as in 9-11.
Message 11-11 is meant to tell us there are two gateways. The first to the guides on the other side, the second to higher forms of intelligence in the universe. The guides speaking through Jason went on to tell me that going outside our solar system is going to other dimensions. This is why there is no time and space. The universe is within us. We have access to everything.

Jason came to teach us planetary love.

From birth, Jason was other-worldly. Watching his videos last night of him as a baby, I was remembering how alert he was, how little he slept (almost drove me insane), how wise he seemed; he was intrigued with letters and numbers (recognizing and memorizing them at an extremely young age). He wasn’t like other babies, although there are many who have been coming in who are “high need” or “Attention Deficit” or other labels.

In the past year Jason was pushing me away, telling me he loved me but also saying things like “when I look at you I get depressed.” It didn’t make sense, but I gave him the space he wanted and he appreciated that. Now, most therapists would say that’s just teenage stuff, but I swear he transformed into another being when he said those things. Was he giving me a message from the other side? Could it be that maybe we are depressing those higher intelligent life forms with our ignorance. More likely he was having a premonition.

I was glad to finish my time with him on this earth plane with some joyous bonding experiences, including parasailing 1000 ft over Lake Tahoe. I gave him a gift certificate to sky dive on his 18th birthday, but he got close to that, and we went up parasailing together, a 3-some with his young cousin Mia (my brother Al’s daughter from Truckee, CA who is crazy about Jason), in awe of the beauty and the freedom of flight. We then did a schooner sail for my mom’s 80th birthday (my mom also went parasailing!) and it was the best family reunion ever. His uncle Al took us to see a few colleges in San Francisco, where he got excited about the San Francisco Art Institute; the photography unit was started by Ansel Adams.

On the way home on the plane we played word games and laughed continuously. When we landed he told me “Mom, I really had a good time with you.” That’s the first time I’d heard that in a year, and it touched my heart. A week later he was on his way to Hull to go to see one of his favorite bands with his good friends. He had a great last summer.

I always loved giving him a good time. He was a great playmate, and helped me heal my inner child (I didn’t have much of a childhood, I needed to take care of my depressed mom). Now I have Kule as an awesome playmate, and our loving community to join us on our journey of evolution.

I feel so much Grace amidst the pain, and when the pain is gone the Grace will remain.

It’s interesting that the last song of Jason’s ceremony 8/10 was a spontaneous circle song of “Love is All There Is”, huh?

I love all of you