Message 17 – Held, 8/24/09


“We are held”

I have been held by the Divine Feminine for many years, and even more closely since Jason died. Last night I was drawn to pulling out a book from my bookcase that I didn’t know I had – a book that my friend Mary Stewart of Feng Shui Boston had put out on the free shelf – entitled “The Mary Magdalene Within” by Joan Norton (2005). I’ve had a wonderful connection with Mary Magdalene for the last several years.

I only had to read the first page of the Introduction to discover why I was supposed to pick this up at this time:

She describes how she came to start channeling Mary Magdalene “being prepared for the worst possible experience about death”:

“My oldest child, my beautiful, tall sixteen year old daughter Justine was killed in a car accident in 1986. The love bond of motherhood is the strongest representation of God on Earth and having it severed suddenly is the ultimate test of faith.”

“I can say now from the distance of almost 20 years that my response to her death initiated me into the Inner Mysteries and I was guided along by God. Dreams, initiations, spiritual teachers, and more of the good Jungian therapy I’d already been having, all guided me towards communication with ‘the other side’…. I chased my daughter into other worlds through the many methods of intuition that everybody can use: tarot, meditation, channeled readings, and intense prayer.”

“I never did have the kind of direct contact with her that I imagined I wanted. I’ve come to understand and accept that I couldn’t emotionally tolerate talking with Justine, it would be too painful. Of course she is with me and with her family in all kinds of mysterious ways, but to speak with her as if she were still my seventeen year old daughter… I no longer wanted that.”

I was once again amazed, and also very grateful that I have been held by Grace to be able to communicate with Jason the way we have – what an extraordinary blessing. And I know it’s Jason because he tells me not to worry the way he used to, and he makes me laugh the way he used to. No mistaking him.