Message 19 – I Am With You, 8/25/09


“I am always with you.”
“Memories capture my energy and they are timeless.”

Jason is telling and showing me that he is with me and that he will continue being in my life. I must have been having my doubts that this would last, flowing through the house in meditative searches of all memories of Jason that I can keep to remember him in case the spirit presence fades.

Last night I received a present in the mail from a good friend of Kule’s in upstate New York who I’ve met and bonded with briefly a few times, and she didn’t know Jason. The box had hot chocolate, two nice books about grieving, and a blanket. Kule spread open the blanket to reveal a picture of a wolf with deep eyes. It felt like Jason’s energy. Impulsively I grabbed the blanket and embraced it in fetal position, bawling away. How did she know how much Jason loved soft blankies, even in his teens? I had instinctively taken on Jason’s spirit holding that blanket, and I also see his energy in the blanket. That experience was profound for me, to know that I could feel that energy through something that had no connection with Jason when he was alive. I can make memories with him in every moment; I don’t have to hold on to the past. Jason is in me and is part of who I am, so there is no separation.

This morning I took an early walk on the beach with Dianna, a magical journey through tidepools and gentle bodysurfing waves, finding treasures washed up from the week’s stormy sea. I made this a priority over client work that eventually got done today, listening to my son’s lecture about taking time to enjoy life. I could feel him walking 20-50 yards behind me, stopping to take photos, wishing he could run up to show me the latest one. He didn’t need to – I saw them all around me, my eyes shifted into what might come close to Jason’s viewpoint, seeing the beauty in every small shell and vista. Thank you, Jason, for giving me this gift.

What are memories? Snapshots of time? However, time doesn’t exist. A memory is energy captured and viewed on the physical plane – memories can be forward in time, as we perceive it. Being in the moment, we capture subtle energies from other dimensions because we are not bound by time.

I felt the Message Energy coming through at 4:07 this morning, and went back to sleep to capture it in the morning (a nicer way to get the messages without losing rest!) This is the first time 7 came in – this is the Student in numerology. Studying metaphysics and subtle energies…