Message 2 from Jason, 8/8/09


I had another profound connection with Jason last night at 3 AM (same time as the night before, Jason always liked staying up late).
Again, please keep this message sacred and forward to those who know Jason and would understand.

Jason didn’t want to lose his youth, but he wasn’t afraid of getting older (as I had thought). His youth had a power for healing he had to share without a body. He made a soul contract to do this (of course he was not conscious of this). He was insistent, and was looking for soul friends to do this with. He bonded with Erin, his friend who died with him in the crash.

Jason was very psychic and sensitive to energies and at some level (although not consciously, because he couldn’t explain why he felt certain things) he may have been preparing for his early death. Jason was always a powerful manifester, so at some level he created this to do some healing for the world.

He didn’t understand college and making plans for the future. I thought it was because he was afraid or resistant to mature. He actually knew at some deep level what he wanted and he stuck to that. He had been preparing himself in unconscious ways.

[Right before I got this message I had been struggling with some guilty emotion that he was feeling pressure from me to become an adult and I may not have done enough to help him with this, although he had been asking for space to become independent. By the end of my connection with him last night I was assured that there was nothing else I could have done, and that Chuck and I did a wonderful job helping Jason who needed and wanted to be. I am so grateful I have no regrets about being Jason's parent, we loved each other so much, and we are getting to a new depth of love.]

Jason was preparing himself, I understand that now (I told Jason last night that I understand and he was happy about that). He pushed me away not only to establish his independence but to help me get independent. A year ago this would have been more devastating to me.

He took his space to do the work he needed to do, including choosing the friends that would help him, and I trusted him; his father Chuck and I were right to trust him. We didn’t know all his friends on the South shore (friends of Dustin, his best friend from childhood who had moved there and then to China, coming home summers when Jason would get to know the beautiful group of kids there.) I’m getting to know Erin through her mother, KT.

Jason and Erin had a soul agreement. They had a non-sexual bond that was so close – a soul bond. Their masculine and feminine union was creating a new energy. We will learn more about the new energy later (so Jason could let me sleep) but it has to do with One Love – the words Erin’s mom said the kids want to put on T-shirts for Erin’s funeral ceremony.

Chuck and I also had a soul agreement. We have a strong spiritual bond that became non-sexual. We have been committed to healing the planet and we brought Jason into the world. Our spiritual bond, especially Art of Living, helped us through our divorce and it is helping us now. Jason had just learned the kriya from Art of Living in Canada a couple of weeks ago – the Youth Empowerment Seminar (YES) program.

Jason will be healing so many young people from the other side; I am telling his grieving friends (many of them so shaken) to let Jason in because he is there for them, and the ones I’ve been able to talk to really get this. I got the message that Chuck will be teaching YES. In the middle of his shock of the news at the hospital he was teaching one of the crash survivors some breathing techniques to help him with his post-traumatic shock.

Jason is teaching all of us that we can carry this youthful innocent unity-conscious energy into adulthood – this new energy that will help to heal the planet, starting with the young people who are in conflict with a troubled world. He is doing the work he has always been so good at, but not consciously. He can do it more clearly now that he is not in his body.

I received this message with waves of intense grief joined with intense gratitude for his energy. I lost my baby but I will never lose this incredible soul who has enriched my life and countless others; his work has just begun.

I am so grateful to Kule for being in my life. He supported Chuck and I through a very difficult time yesterday with funeral arrangements, writing the obituary, and viewing Jason’s body (very peaceful experience, surprisingly). I am blessed to have so much support from so many beautiful beings.

I would like to talk with you about this today in person or on the phone. This is an overwhelming time for me and I would like your support for me, Chuck, Kule, and listening to Jason’s message.

About 3 AM: 3 is Creativity, masculine/feminine creating the new energy, the Trinity.