Message 21 – Never Alone, 8/26/09


10:38 PM
1= One-ness
0 = Infinity
3 = The new energy
8 = Courage

“You are never alone.”

I was very tired last night but too restless to sleep. I asked Kule to do some Reiki on my belly. Immediately I got visions of Buddhist teachers with ornate robes, gurus from many traditions, light beings, and a sense of many guides. I’m laughing now at my reaction to being surrounded by these powerful beings who so many seek for guidance. I told them I needed to sleep and that they should get to work spreading Jason’s message. Whoa. So they went and I fell asleep.

This morning I was talking with Kule about this in our ritual tea on the porch overlooking the baby squirrels and other busy morning life, as we do our practice of experiencing the moment. As human beings, we try to find ways to help each other find enlightenment; Kule and I have been blessed with knowing teachers who do this well – Sri Sri from Art of Living, Mooji, Maharashi from TM, his Sufi teachers, etc. The problem is the mind limits so many from listening to these messages – the culture might not fit, the style might not be right, so many don’t want to listen. The guides from the other side may be having the same trouble we do – their communication style doesn’t reach so many, and they are looking for ways to get through as well.

Perhaps it is during death, the passage of physical form to the other side, that such communication happens. When people hear of death of a loved one, especially one so young, it opens the heart. The experience gets to the root of faith, confirming it is or isn’t there, and gives us a sense or curiosity about the spirit. My experience is that Jason’s passage has done this, and is opening up some understanding of our infinite nature. Jason is telling us, in his usual straightforward intense way when he really wanted someone to listen, that he just went through this and knows firsthand that this is what we are. People are “listening” and it isn’t with words, it’s through their hearts and souls. They might get it from looking at his photography and listening to his music, how he connected to this when he was alive at a time he couldn’t have expressed it himself. My experience is that people get this through sound, in my exploration of sound healing, through movement, and through other forms of art.

We are never alone. We have guides with us all the time, patiently waiting for the opportunity to get through. The Divine Mother holds us. The guides that came to me last night were all male – the Divine masculine energy that gets out into the world to do things, that’s what they love to do. Perhaps we need to guide the guides and not expect that they know how to do everything on our plane – an interesting concept that I wouldn’t have picked up with my mind, most likely.

The other morning Kule and I were on the porch and we found a cicada (large flying bug that makes noise) on the picnic table that still had some life in it but couldn’t fly. As our cat Annapurr (Jason’s favorite) got interested in it, I was drawn to going to Jason’s closet to open a box of rocks and shells that had been taped since we moved from Beverly. When I opened the box the first things I saw were some of his spindly starfish and a horshoe crab shell. The next thing I found was a plastic bag with a cicada; Jason had been fascinated with it and wanted to keep it. It would take pages to tell you how many dragonflies have appeared to us and friends who know how much Jason and I love dragonflies.

We are never alone.