Message 23 – Listen to Youth, 8/29/09


Listen to the youth, and capture their wisdom.”

Yesterday I spread Jason’s remaining ashes in our favorite swimhole in the White Mountains, feeling the awe, joy, and beauty that Jason had felt when we would visit since he was 6. His ashes and rose petals flowed down the waterfalls he played with many times, and sank into the deep cold water that we had always jumped into, with squeals of cold and delight. Little glittery red hearts followed the ashes in, reminding me of his love. Kule, Christine, and I (and many others we held with us, including Chuck) were in awe of the magic of the place and of Jason’s energy there. A cloud came by to steal our warm sun, and before I could get upset with it, I gazed at it and saw its powerful archangel form.

As I rested against the sun-warmed quartz-laiden ledge, I meditated on the message I received from Jason the day before.

Young people hold the answers to how we can heal the planet, but they don’t know how to express it in a way that adults (the ones that have the power to use their knowledge to make change in the world) understand. There were so many ways that Jason tried to express something in frustration throughout his life (as an energetic child, then a secretive young adult), and I knew there was so much that was there but could not be communicated in the ways we are used to. He was able to express so much in his art and music, and I am getting this more since he left his physical form. There’s a new energy needed for the healing of the planet that is coming in, and we may be getting it in new ways. If we open to the possibility of this, then we will get so much we were missing before.

Professional photographers and musicians and academicians in these areas recognized Jason’s gift as an artist and encouraged him to study so he could become a “real” artist. Jason and I took on the belief that he wasn’t ready to sell his art and music (although he wanted to) because he wasn’t an adult. Society has certain rules to follow, and we blindly follow them.

Adults don’t listen to kids. Kids say that all the time, and adults are in denial of it. Jason told me several times in the past year that I wasn’t listening to him. I was hearing all his words and his frustration, and I was frustrated that he couldn’t clarify what he meant. I loved him and let it go, but was always curious about this. I am getting some insights about this with Jason’s message. Adults assume children don’t have much wisdom and want them to grow up, go to college, take on adult ways, and then they will be listened to. I always knew Jason was a wise soul, but I have been humbled more and more as I receive his messages and reflect on his life.

Jason used to tell me I worried too much. My response was usually to let him know that the amount I worry is miniscule compared to most people, so why was he giving me a hard time about it? That wasn’t enough for him. He saw patterns he didn’t understand and was rightly questioning them. Why do adults do things because they are supposed to or because they are conditioned to by parental or society expectations? We don’t even realize that we have them. After taking Avatar training last summer, I have opened up to seeing these patterns (transparent beliefs) and working on releasing them more and more. Young people see the patterns and in their frustration they close down to trying to communicate this, closing off a portal to major needed change. Then they become adults and take on adult patterns, and the cycle continues.

Children don’t have the human skills that we are used to using to communicate. They need us to help them by being open to listening, however we can do that. In order to do this, we must be open to new paradigms, not assuming the old ways work, and become aware of unsupportive beliefs to release them. Society medicates our children for ADD and alienates the kids that might hold the keys. Many adults have found how to communicate with these “special” youth, such as new age healers, “psychic channellers,” etc. I believe all of us have the capacity to do this and we just don’t believe we can. Love for our children is a welcome door.

Many adults have the wisdom of this new energy, and can access it in their youthful and ageless sense of awe and wonder, through artistic expression that transcends the mind. These adults already have the capacity to communicate with the new energy, many of them having been “indigo” children themselves. We are finding each other, and we can collectively harness this new energy and translate it for the world to receive healing. We can empower the young people to express themselves the way they do, and listen more carefully, getting beyond our filters.

Youth, nature, and mystical creative expression hold keys to so much wisdom.

As parents, Chuck and I didn’t know how Jason was going to fit into this world; he was unique and adamant about being who he is without taking on rules of how to be. I trusted he would find his way, and he has. He is teaching us from the other side how others can “change the world”, i.e. change our perspective of reality, so that we may all be able to do this work on this Earth plane. Jason’s not the only one doing this, and I have been blessed to receive his clear messages so that we can make a difference. He already has.

It was a hard drive home, crying in the back seat, releasing another layer of grief with the last layer of ashes. It felt like the pain of birth labor, in reverse. The more I cry and breathe through the pain, the more the beauty of Jason’s energy in my life surfaces, and I get the blessings.

I look forward to the next time we jump in that swimhole together next summer.

Waterfalls of Love,