Message 24 – Listen To Your Messages, 8/30/09


“Listen to your own messages.”

Jason’s favorite number was 24, according to a school English paper he wrote 4 years ago.
It feels like this is the last message – message 24 – and it’s from me.

The messages I have been receiving have been very clear, coming from a high place, and overwhelming at times. However, they are not new messages; we receive these all the time and they are everywhere. The way I have been receiving them from Jason has blown me away, in awe of the wisdom and power of my son’s spirit and my clear connection with him. We all have access to this wisdom, and I have had an advanced course these last 3 weeks on how our filters prevent us from hearing many messages at all, and hearing all of them more clearly. Amidst the sorrow, love has dissolved filters and I continue to bathe in the pure light.

I encourage you to re-read Jason’s messages in light of your own wisdom.
I remind you to continue to listen to your own messages and be open to new ways of receiving them.
I ask you to remind me to do the same.
This is what loving community is all about.

Thank you for being here for me, Chuck, and Kule.

Love eternal,