Message 26 – Planting Seeds, 9/18/09


“I am planting the seeds for spiritual growth in the future, in a way that the human nervous system can handle.”

I had a profound connection with Jason two days ago during a flower essence journey with Bobbie Courtney. I want to share this with you now and it’s hard to get into the part of my brain that can write about it, so I may add more later. I would love to hear your reactions and insights.

At the start of the session, I downloaded Jason’s power and I got ethereally bigger to meet him and merge with him. Bobbie got there was something Jason wanted to get from me. I found myself giving Jason confidence that he could connect with us in a bigger way, and that he can learn something from me, as he used to when he was a child and I was teaching him as a mother. I helped him be a tree (grounded) and then felt his tree was on fire (passion); this felt like Jason’s power was passionate and also now grounded. I was feeling how this was supporting him to bring his power into this world, and how it was supporting me to be in closer touch with the spirit world. I was also a tree with roots in the earth, connecting with his spirit.

What happened next was very profound. Jason started planting seeds of light into my tree. These seeds are meant to sprout at the right time so I won’t be overwhelmed with what he has to offer all at once. It’s controlled-release spiritual knowledge! Jason was also excited by this, because he couldn’t have figured it out if I hadn’t helped him see how to do it. He is ready to plant seeds in others, and we both got that he will know if he has permission to do this. He is encouraging anyone who wants this to ask him for it. Erin is there with him, and they are flying around with excitement (in their childlike wild fun excitement they shared on earth) to do this; they were both always into healing the world – two beautiful caring passionate souls working together.

Jason was not alone on the other side when this was happening; he was recruiting a group of guides during this process, the way he was always a natural leader with everyone gravitating toward him and his passion. The guides are old souls with young energy, perhaps others who have passed over at a young earth age. Jason, in his usual style, is teaching and inspiring the other guides to plant these seeds in humans all over.

I saw this happening, and I got into my usual mother pattern of telling Jason how awesome he is and to get out there with his power, not to be shy. I could feel him retract, as he had on the earth plane, letting me know he will do it his way. He does appreciate my confidence in him, and he likes to do really big things in quiet ways.

The big message to me is:
We can train other people how to receive these seeds just as we can train spirit guides how to connect with us to give us these seeds; the seeds are spiritual fertilizer. We work together. It will work when we believe it will work. Bobbie sees it as a template, an energetic structure that can be repeated through others and spread.

The other message is that the idea of planting seeds that will sprout at the right time will work so much better than getting hit with a lot at once. We humans just aren’t ready for all of that at once. Some get out of balance with it and have a hard time recovering. Others reject it because they don’t believe it or because it is too much or they are afraid of how it will impact their lives. Still others get it at first, and then allow their doubts to come in and dismiss it later. We can also ask to get these seeds in communities, so we can grow together and support each other through each phase of growth, integrating it in ways that work for us and others influenced by us.

Jason’s photography, music, and poetry capture Jason’s messages; the seeds are needed to open up receptivity to receiving the spiritual messages in these media. I received many of these seeds immediately when Jason died, and I was overwhelmed with the messages that were coming in to me from Jason through his photography, music, and poetry, that I hadn’t seen before. To me, what Jason left behind is a direct channel to receiving his energy in two ways: 1) to remember I am connected with him personally, the way I used to, to know he is with me, and 2) to get the new spiritual messages that are coming in through him, the “new energy”.

Interestingly, the session started with an intention to heal some earthly patterns that caused Jason some suffering that I was tuning into and feeling the suffering. I wanted to clear this, and it allowed me to connect with Jason more deeply.

I want to thank Bobbie for guiding me through this powerful session. We both thanked Jason deeply for receiving this from him, and he thanked us for being able to connect with us.