Message 29 – Bridging the Worlds, 9/29/09


“We are the bridges between the worlds of spirit and physical reality; there is no separation.”

Jason was a natural bridge. He was always playing in the world of spirit, very comfortable and intrigued with the unknown. I used to describe his photography and music as ways Jason would take the mundane and describable and transform them into magical and indescribable. He also did this in his poetry (samples below).

Looking back through my own life, I see that in myself. I liked being by myself a lot, exploring intelligence and creativity in many ways. Until I was 17 I was so shy I didn’t speak to many people and only hung out with a couple of close friends. I got lost in music and my studies. I was attracted to the mystical, although I had no one at the time to teach me any of it. I used to think my mother was psychic, always knowing who was calling or coming to the door; she has an impeccable intuition that I inherited. My father immersed himself in his work as a doctor (and wasn’t an available father in the earthly sense), and getting to know him through his work and his patients I learned quickly how much he lived in the magical world of being a healer to so many.

Jason was born to meditating parents. When I was pregnant, Chuck and I went to Maharishi International University in Iowa to do a week-long TM course and meditate in the dome with 1000 people. A couple there who were parents warned us in a light way to be careful; being in that kind of energy will attract an intense spiritual soul who might not sleep like other babies. The premonition was right on, and being the parents of baby Jason was truly exhausting. He was a sponge for life and sometimes the overstimulation he attracted exhausted him and created a “difficult” child. The journey with Jason regarding his intensity and creativity would fill a book. I think we did well as his parents, and he grew through the divorce and manifested an art-oriented school in Ipswich in 8th grade and so many wonderful people in his life through his friends and his parents’ communities. All this supported his flourishing into a confident teen who knew what he wanted and what he didn’t want. He thrived in the physical world (except for his immune system) as well as the world of spirit, and left his legacy of art to illustrate this. I am so honored to have supported his path in life, and I learned so much in the journey.

We are all bridges. We are all one. Therefore there is no separation between the worlds.

I am truly grateful for my dear friends, colleagues, teachers, and so many resources that continually remind me of my connection to the world of spirit, the divine. We are all spirit. Everything is spirit. Quantum physics proves everything is energy. We are all one.

Jason’s poetry: 5/3/09:

The universe is an open book
Each planet a single atom of parchment
And its pages with their newly-written phrases
Ink still damp to the touch
Creased down the middle
And folded
The universe is symmetrical

Jason’s poetry: 5-13-09

Is a black hole
(Though not as black as it seems)
Stretches us
Transports us
To an intergalactic gap
Or a violet-green nebula
To an alien air
A lifespan in light years away from here
And when our tenures expire
It takes us back here
Our other home
And we repeat
The circle of life
In a straight line
The bedlam of everything
All at once
That ever
Hasbeen willbe is
Collectively condensed
Into the broken-record
Migraine of now
And us, eternally

Is an illusion
Is the memory-wiping
Painkiller for the
Exciting ennui
Of life
Of us
Of this
Of all