Message 30 – Being, 10/1/09


“The ultimate joy is in being.”

I visited the message rocks on the beach yesterday to do some grieving. I was looking for a clear message, but I was open to not receiving anything in particular, just being with the mystical rocks. I found myself stroking the rocks with my bare feet, feeling the weathered patterns and mystical textures, gazing at the intricate patterns of nature’s art. I got in touch with Jason’s lightness and childlike sense of awe, bounding from one rock to the next, standing on the peaks and soaring into the valleys, following the tributaries to wherever they would take me, met with more treasures in the sand and mysterious tidepools.

I asked Jason what gives him the most joy where he is. As soon as I said it, I realized how silly the question was. In the world of spirit there is no such thing as joy or sadness or pain or peace. There is just what is. Being – with no judgment or labels or expectations. Just experiencing what is, with wonder.

Just being with the rocks with no expectations brought me into the moment, away from the judging mind, not needing to describe my thoughts or feelings. I felt free and true.

I got silly on the rocks, saying Be out loud, feeling the buzzing vibration of Beeeeeeeeee.

There really isn’t more to say about being. I just know I need to practice it more and more. Jason was and is my greatest teacher.

P.S. Jason’s poetry speaks of being and letting go of the ego.

Jason’s poetry: 7/2/09

things are things
it’s shit
but then it’s beautiful

and it’s off-white
and monochrome
like walls with scratches
and pencil marks and chipped paint

and it’s red
and colorful
like enveloped in wrinkled sheets
with morning sun shining through

things are just things
and it’s shit
and it’s murky-like and coffee
stained and crinkled
and it’s beautiful.

Cleanse (Stopping It)
Jason Foster, C. 2006 (14 yrs old)

Take off your stupidity
Leave it all behind
Let’s count to infinity
Till we are left unbind

Unload your immensity
Kick it out of sight
Keep with you your fence and me
So we won’t have to fight

Don’t ask for something to get used to
You’ll find it if you really want to
Don’t force a grudge on top of those two
So that I will never have to

Detach from your emancipation
Throw it to the ground
Get used to your overreaction
That you won’t have to frown

Stopping your deterioration
Fastened to the ground
Rise from the couch and take some action.
But please don’t make a sound
(They might hear you)

Drain away your constipation
Of trying to have fun
When human needs see your duration
They’ll claim that you have won
(But at a cost)

Don’t let go of inspiration
It’s all that you have left
Re-grow all your vegetation
So you won’t depend on us when you have gone