Message 5 – Thank You, 8/11/09


3:53 AM
Jason loves me and his Dad so much, and loved our celebration last night. He loves Kule and wants him to know he’s glad he’s taking care of me.

Jason saw how the ceremony brought joy and hope to his friends, not just close friends but people who didn’t know him well as well as my friends.

He loved seeing everyone drumming and dancing for him, the way Jon held the space and put passion into the circle, and the way Ukumbwa led a sweet, fun, and community connecting drum beat, singing Love is all there is, and tuning in to Jason. This type of drum circle could help the community heal, and I will talk to the grief counselor at school about it.

So many are feeling Jason’s love more. I am being called to help others grieve and heal, as that is the best way for me to grieve and heal. Jason’s friends know they can contact me and I can contact them – when I am with his friends, I feel Jason in person.

I am in awe of the love Jason and I attract. I am in awe of the special soul that Chuck and I were blessed with to nurture and bring out into the world.

It’s time to sleep so I am rested enough to be fully present at Erin’s pow-wow ceremony today. Her mother KT and I met for the first time at the hospital with the new of our babies’ deaths, and we want to be together to grieve; we are lifelong friends now.

BTW, I didn’t go back to sleep but got wonderful messages about stuff like making Jason’s downstairs a memorial studio for people to come and hang together and his friends to go on Jason’s computer together.

P.S. I am so grateful for the beautiful and right-on-target Eulogy that my brother Michael took 2 days to carefully and heartfully write and deliver, and the same degree of attention other family members and friends took to co-create an amazing celebration of Jason’s life.