Message 9 – Follow Your Passion, 8/15/09


Sat 8/15, message ended at 3:13 AM
3:13 = 3 + One + 3
3 = Jason + Erin + you (They are reincarnating inside each of us)

This is the last message. 9 is Completion and the Teacher. This message is about Harnessing the New Energy.

Jason wants us to answer these questions. Please pass this on. Please send me your thoughts/experience, and copy for public sharing.

1. How did Jason touch you?
2. How did Jason make you feel special?
3. How has Jason inspired you to follow your passion?
4. How could this new energy of acknowledging the preciousness of each person help heal the community and the world?
5. What would you like to do to help with this?
6. Do you have any ideas about what others/organizations/schools/government could do to help with this?
7. How did you feel answering these questions?

Jason wants to see his healing continuing beyond his life on earth. He is sending healing to many right now.

This is why Jason chose his parents; we have been committed to healing the planet; this is also why Kule is with Michelle. We will spread his message and harness the new energy. He knows how productive his mom can be, and how she can create what she wants. (He never complained mom worked hard, this comes in handy now). There is a lot to do, and we ask everyone to help anyway they are called to do this. Community is the key. Mom will do her best to take this in stride, a bit overwhelming but Jason is sending me lots of energy.