Messages from Nature, 9/9/09


Nature has important messages for us and we can adjust our filters to get them. Messages come in so many ways, as Jason reminds me.

Messages from Rocks

I was struck by this in recent walks on Cranes beach on the rocky side on the way to the Ipswich River outlet across from Plum Island, a magical space that Jason liked hanging out in. The rocks and boulders have mystical colorings, patterns, engravings, and shapes that seem to want to tell us something if we are ready to listen. I know I can’t get this with my mind, so I just held them in wonder with my eyes and lay down among them for a rest.

When Jason was a old enough to hold something without putting it in his mouth, his favorite items to hold were rocks. He would hold several at a time for long periods of time, and study them and play with them. We enjoyed purchasing tumble-gemstones of all varieties and searching for smooth rocks inlaid with pyrite and quartz in mountain streams.

Messages from Plants

Last week the walk showed me Jason was there, at a time I was feeling very empty and missing him terribly. I was looking for him, and he was everywhere. He was not only there, he was showing me the immense beauty he experienced in the dancing grass; it was calling me. I also experienced this in the glistening sand, in the dragon-headed driftwood, in the spirit-faced shells, in the marble-colored rocks. I cried in joy at the opportunity to experience such beauty and I cried in sadness that I don’t always see it. Jason is reminding us that it is all there when we open up. I walked back in peace.

When Jason was a child he loved to “help” me garden. He wanted to pick out the plants at the nursery (many many varieties) and when we got home he immediately wanted to hold the plants at the roots, removed from the container. He would wander around holding the plants, delaying the planting process, and teaching me the power of plant energy.

Messages from Animals

Kule and I have been given joy by two playful baby squirrels during our tea time on the deck, every morning since Jason died. I didn’t notice them before. So many animals give us the messages…..
Jason loved animals. He was always afraid of spiders and intrigued by the power they had over him. Mom came to the rescue into his teens, to remove the spiders from the house. Some of the last photos he posted on his website were intricate elegant cobwebs exuding a mystical beauty.

Messages from the Elements

Air, fire, water, earth – the beach has it all, we can find these healing elements everywhere….

Our human mind is used to get messages certain ways.
What are we missing?
We get to a level of knowing we are intuitive and beyond the mind, and we accept limits on that as well.
We don’t know the limits of energy (physics experiments have proven this) so there is no way we could possibly know the limits of accessing it.
Is it possible to be limitless in human form?
Why not?

I am asking Nature and all forms of energy to show me how to go beyond my limits.
In asking this I find peace in the loss of Jason, as I get glimpses that I have not lost him at all.

For now I miss him terribly, amidst moments of incredible beauty.

Here’s a poem Jason wrote; I found it in the backpack he used last summer for his spiritual Art of Living youth program:

Maker of storms and suns
A sleepless night of melodic winds and currents
A body blown from its mind
And a mind from its body
The soothing torrents of rain in the sky
He knows