Journey CD


Journey CD

1 – Garden of Soul (Bluegate, 2003)
2 – Discovery (Bluegate, 2003)
3 – Journey (Bluegate, 2003)
4 – Little Jewel (Bluegate, 2003)
5 – Sirens (Ben Sheppard/Michelle Herrera 2005)
6 – Transformation (Ben Sheppard/Michelle Herrera 2005)
7 – Streams (Ben Sheppard/Michelle Herrera 2005)
8 – Dragonfly (Ben Sheppard/Michelle Herrera 2005)
9 – Move (Michelle Herrera 2005)

Vyola Myst, Michelle Herrera ©2009
This album is my magical journey into music that connects me with the Divine. The pieces with Bluegate are live improvisations, that has my viola and vocal harmony. The pieces with Ben were recorded in a studio and are also improvisations with my viola and voice. “Move” was one of my multi-track recordings that “came in” spontaneously as I sat down to record.

Bluegate is Christine Tulis, Ben Sheppard, Michelle Herrera, and Kem Stralka; songs were co-composed

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