Soul Story


Once upon a time a wise soul was looking for a family to join on earth. He scouted the universe and found a married couple that didn’t know if they wanted or didn’t want children, and they were trusting in the universe to give them what they need for their evolution and their paths as spiritual teachers and healers. They seemed just right.

This wise soul had a mission on earth, and it wasn’t going to be for a very long time, so he wanted to choose a family that wasn’t attached to having a large family with grandchildren. He wanted to be with a family that would understand his soul-level and his passion for creating what he wanted on earth, and to enjoy love to its fullest with his family, friends, and extended family. He wanted to experience unity consciousness on earth, being one with everything, experiencing beauty in all people and things. He wanted to be a healer in his own way, in a humble quiet powerful way that would inspire and transform many who were with him. He also wanted to have a lot of fun being on the earth plane.

The wise soul was born to Michelle and Chuck Foster, and they named him Jason, which means healer in Greek. They were very happy to have Jason. They felt his wisdom and saw his bright light; they were so blessed and knew the universe chose wisely. They were also very challenged by this powerful being who was frustrated to be in a small body. Jason’s soul wanted to do so much so soon; he knew what he wanted and what he didn’t want. He learned to walk and do things with his body at a younger age than most babies. He didn’t like being confined to a body, and expressed his frustration often. Clothes didn’t feel right, food didn’t taste right, the energy of a person or place didn’t feel right. He didn’t sleep; that was a waste of his time and energy. He didn’t like school; that was a waste of his time and energy. He wanted to do so much.

The Jason soul thrived on love, trust, and creativity.

He received and gave love freely. He felt best when others trusted his wisdom about what he needed, even as a baby. He couldn’t stop being creative, from playing with words and numbers as a baby to making up stories to making people laugh to making creative videos with his friends to creating amazing photos, digital art, music, writings and his own website. He created from his own uniqueness, and was a pioneer in photography and music composition.

He sought other souls who understood his soul mission. He made soul-level friendships with several children and teens who felt no different than if they had been blood brothers and sisters. He attracted beautiful wise souls into his life, and he celebrated life with them. His extended family also included beautiful wise souls that his parents introduced to him.

The Jason soul had an abundance of love, trust, and creativity in his earth life. He met his soul mission in this world.

The Jason soul passed very quickly, before the Jason body or anyone else could see it coming. That’s the way his soul wanted to go, without any physical suffering or prolonged medical treatment that would prolong other’s suffering. It was easy for him to drop his body; he simply flew away to a world he knew so well. His soul friend Erin flew with him. The passage was so peaceful that his mother felt it when she was driving in to the hospital and after she arrived to hear that the Jason body had not survived the accident. Jason’s soul peace held her in a state of trust that all was fine, and she knew he was still there, on the other side.

He always communicated from a soul level, so it was easy to communicate with others who had communicated with his soul easily when he was in his body. His parents, relatives, and friends are consoled by knowing they can connect with him anytime, and knowing he is where he always planned to be, doing powerful healing work for this world on the other side. They miss the Jason body that they can hug and play with, see him with the people he loves, and see him in the joy of creating his works of art and music. They miss all the little things about Jason that made him unique in this world. They have so many memories and photos and music to remember his presence here. They understand that the separation of Jason’s soul and body was meant to be at this time, and they feel so blessed to have been chosen to be with his soul in this lifetime.

The Jason soul lives in many ways – on the other side, perhaps in another body, and definitely inside those of us who are connected by the deep love we cultivated when he was in his body.

This is a story of Jason’s soul, and it is a beautiful never-ending story.