The 17 Key Messages from the Book “Messages from Jason”


The 17 Key Messages from the Book “Messages from Jason”

Appendix 1 – The 17 Key Messages from Jason

1. Be Fearless: There is nothing to be afraid of. Don’t be afraid of your own shadow, your beliefs that dictate what you experience. If we accept death, we embrace life. We are always changing and we take on and drop identities all the time. If we stay attached to having things stay the same or remaining a certain person, we suffer. Death often happens to serve a higher purpose that might not be clear with our minds for some time. Trust in the cycle of life and death, of cleansing, renewal, and rebirth. If we see everything as spirit (energy) transforming from one form to another, then there is no loss and we see abundance and the worth of every living thing.

2. You Are Precious: Know that we are all precious beings, connected by a higher power. Treat ourselves and others as precious and we will feel connected and supported. Be fully who you are. We are limitless and we limit ourselves with our minds. Be the infinite Being that you are.

3. Follow Your Passion: Follow your passion; it will bring you fulfillment. Live your life fully, and this inspires others to live their lives fully. Pay It Forward – Help other people follow their passion, to empower your own. Go into your heart – that’s where the answers are, not in our minds.

4. Lighten Up: We connect with our loved ones, alive or departed, through our love and fond memories of them, including play and humor. We can “lighten up” to experience the uplifting memories, to feel their energy with us, uplifting us, as if they were right there with us. When we play, we connect with our infinite nature; we are in the moment with joy. Lighten up to feel the light.

5. Love Is All There Is: Love is eternal; it is the only thing that really exists. Go into your heart, that’s where the important answers are, not our minds. We have access to everything through love. Love brings us into the beauty of the moment. When we send love to others it is magnified and reflected back to us. Be the infinite Being that you are.

6. Connection to the Other Side: We communicate with others, alive or departed, through their essence, or spirit, in many non-verbal ways that are often more powerful than verbal. Our dreams help us to connect with our essence without being hindered by the mind’s beliefs. Everything is energy. Memories capture the energy, which is timeless. We are never alone. There is a higher power with us all the time; we have our guides, angels, and our higher self. You can connect with your departed loved ones as if they were with you, feeling their love and support. Listen to your own messages from Spirit. We are the bridges between the worlds of spirit and physical reality; there is no separation.

7. Surrender: Let go of the ego and feeling the need to control. Surrender to the healing. We die every moment, to be reborn to the new moment. Remember we are infinite beings, and death is the other side of life. Let go of old beliefs and patterns that don’t serve you anymore, and open your heart and your mind to receiving the new that does serve you. We are held by a higher power, the divine. We can drop the unnecessary suffering that gets in the way of our infinite-ness. We are one.

8. Be in the Present: Enjoy Being. Practice Presence, releasing your over-focused attention on the past, worries of the future, etc. The ultimate joy is in being in the moment, being present to the now, seeing the beauty of all. This is the secret to happiness.

9. Hang Out: Take time to relax. Hang out with no agenda, practicing presence with others. Being in community is key to our evolution.

10. Soul Contracts: We have made agreements with everyone in our lives at a soul level, for us to learn and grow. Knowing we made these choices helps us to accept our experiences on the earth plane, and to not judge them as good or bad.

11. Manifesting: We choose our reality by choosing which “world” we want to be in, and fully feeling it. Gratitude connects us with our heart and helps us to manifest more. Practice being grateful often. Feel your flow.

12. Put Art First: We capture the essence of ourselves and others through art, music, and other creative expression that help us see the beauty and preciousness of everything. Art connects us with limitless potential, and with Source. When we share our gifts with self-love and love for others we empower others to share their gifts and feel powerful, too.

13. The New Family: We attract and create family, loving community, wherever we are, if we believe this can happen. Believe in Oneness – There is no separation, we are all connected.

14. No Rules: There are no rules, there is only the mind and what it chooses to believe. Our pain is a result of not seeing a reality that we believe should be there. That’s our illusion. The formless is what counts.

15. What’s Really Important: When Jason passed to the other side, he helped me to see what was really important in my life and that I could create the life I always wanted. Move more fully into who you are, to your true nature. Embrace what is really important to you.

16. Be The Healer: We all have the capacity to heal and be healed, when we believe. Jason and are a healing team, and we believe anyone can connect with the other side to tap into some powerful healing and information. We are all healers in our own way, through our art.

17. Young Wise Souls: Many young people have a great deal of wisdom for us to open to and receive. When these “old souls” pass to the other side they offer us a powerful connection to this wisdom. Listen to the wisdom of our youth. Accept others the way they are. Appreciate beauty in everyone and everything.