The Healer, 11/4/09


Jason means healer in Greek – or at least that what the baby name book said (a couple of Greek people challenged that definition, but I stick with it.) I loved the name Jason when I chose it, and I loved it even more when I found out what it meant.

Jason didn’t relate to being a healer; his parents were healers, so why would he choose that word to describe himself?! He definitely believed in the healing he received by his parents and many others in his life, but he didn’t identify with that label for himself. He was also humble about everything. I’ve been a bit too humble about telling people how awesome my son is, and so now’s my chance.

Jason touched many lives in such a short time. He was a secretive healer. I will never know how many lives he’s healed (will we ever know how many lives any of us heal in our lifetime?), but I’ve had the opportunity to witness hundreds of messages (see some quoted below) in Facebook and DeviantArt from grateful friends – so many people who didn’t know Jason in person, and received so much from him over the internet. His spirit was always so powerful, he didn’t need a physical presence to exude that. Many people have told me how they met Jason just once and were very impressed with his light, his peaceful energy, and his presence. His compassion is enormous, and he needed to share it with as many people as he possibly could.

Staying up late on the computer doing Facebook and instant messaging created conflicts for me as a parent wanting my teen to get enough rest. When I threatened to take the PC away after a certain hour, Jason looked at me with his “yes, Mom I absolutely know what is good for me” look and told me how much it helped him. I knew that he received a lot of support from his friends, and when he was ill (most of his last year) he needed that more than ever. We negotiated time on the computer, but like most teens he didn’t get enough rest. I’m so glad now I didn’t take most of that time away from him. I know now that there were many people that were receiving so much from Jason.

He wrote in his journal about how good it felt to help other people, even if they didn’t seem to express any gratitude. He wrote that it was “selfish” to want to help people because of how good it felt, so it was OK that others didn’t acknowledge it. Jason understood unconditional love.

I found out during the ceremony (with so many young people waiting in the 1 hr receiving line) four days after his death more about Jason’s healership – how we helped friends move past suicidal thoughts, a friend who was raped and at first trusted no one but Jason, friends who would have dropped out of school if it hadn’t been for Jason. He spent lunches tutoring friends in math to help them finish high school. He truly healed and empowered so many at such a young age.

Jason was empathic, and I believe that was hard for him but he learned how to be with it. He knew he was psychic and he received support in regular sessions with Gail Byrnes to strengthen his boundaries. He wrote:

The sad and the hungry
The shit on TV
I feel it

The mad and the hopeless
A lamb in its cage
All here now
I feel it

I found the pass key

The sound of the rain.
The burn from the sun.

Jason is doing a lot of healing on the other side. That gives me comfort in my grief and pride as a mother.

I’ve been told by The Lighted Ones in a channeling session that Jason is not alone; he is healing with many others. He is also a pioneer (see the message Planting Seeds). He was in life, and will always be!

“I have learned that sometimes it’s not about how long one lives for it’s about how ‘well’ one lives. People can go on breathing forever and still not be able to touch a single life, but Jason touched a million people at such a tender age-and someone said that ‘age’ should be counted through the number of people you touch. If that really is the case, then I can say without any hesitation-Jason lived for infinite years, and that is a miracle. Just remember that.:)” – an internet friend

“Jason, you created so much beauty and passion in such a short time. You inspire me with your dedication and love.” – a close friend

“Deep down inside I know that Jason has helped me to learn and grow. He taught me to laugh instead of cry.” – a close friend

“Jason was one of the kindest souls. Thank you for doing such a loving job being his guides in this world.” –science teacher.

“I will always remember Jason’s gentle spirit and his ability at 13 to transcend the boundaries of Middle School social strata. He was always so kind, so full of life and light.” – 8th grade math teacher

“Jason may have only lived to be 17, but in that time he has helped so many people and done so many great things. I’m going to live my life twice as hard because his was cut short. Your son is the most amazing person I think I will ever meet and you should be so proud.” – close friend