The Indigo Child – Jason’s 16 Things


Jason was an indigo child.

I prefer not to use labels to categorize people, but “indigo child” is a term that has meant something to me, raising Jason as a child. Indigo children question all the old belief systems, many of which have been hurting our planet and our culture. He always asked “why” about the real important stuff, and hearing his questioning taught me how we buy into so many beliefs we don’t even realize we have. He didn’t understand why people wouldn’t love and accept each other, and taught oneness by example. He didn’t refer to himself as “spiritual”, but he was one of the most spiritual people I’ve known.

I found this entry in my journal when Jason was 9 yrs old. Jason’s journal entry from 17 yrs old follows.

The Indigo Child, 12/1/2000

Jason has come in with pretty evolved consciousness; we’ve always thought this, but now I’m tuning into it more. Some of the things that have caused us frustration as parents (such as his high energy and insistence) are things that Jason is trying to use to teach us something. As in Jump Time (a book by Jean Houston), we need to be prepared for the unexpected!
• Jason is focused in unity – he doesn’t understand judgment and punishment or other separation. He plays so well with his friends; he never fights, but they argue sometimes and work out their differences, knowing there is unity, and often with humor.
• Jason doesn’t like competitive sports – he knows it’s how you play the game, not who wins.
• Jason doesn’t like school – the 8:30-2 public school system doesn’t work for him. He didn’t want Montessori either. He called it a “play pen” for grades 1-3, and he got clear he wants more structured lessons, since he sensed the academic pressure to be an independent student. He would benefit with homeschooling, although he would miss being around other children. (I research this for the past few years and decided it would be crazy for me with an upcoming divorce, being a single working parent). I listen to him and honor his wisdom; I don’t underestimate his maturity level and ability to handle knowledge and emotions.
• He needs to learn thing his way – this has been the case since was a baby!
• He has a great sense of humor; he never gets too serious about life.
• He “dawdles” and has difficulty with transitions – he’s in his own flow.
• He always knows what he wants and lets me know.
• He is motivated by empowerment and choices.
• He doesn’t understand why his parents are the bosses. (We don’t have all the answers and we are all teachers, including Jason.) He understands why there are rules, but they have to be relevant.
• He resists his father’s intensity about nutrition and following certain special diets (“why?”), but understands that eating well is important.
• He knows God is in him.
• He likes being home – the outside world doesn’t always fit with his world of innocence and unity!
• He is able to express more now why he doesn’t like or agree with something. We are listening more, such as when he decided he didn’t want to go to Montessori school in 3rd grade.

I am going to observe more how Jason behaves with respect to his higher consciousness. I will honor his inner wisdom and see him as much a teacher for me as I am for him.

The above journey entry was written half-way through Jason’s life, and mostly held throughout his life.
Jason was one of my greatest teachers and continues to be.

I’d be happy to speak to any parents of Indigo children who are finding it challenging – it certainly was, and the journey was more than well worth the effort, with all the gifts he gave me!!

Jason wrote 16 “random” things about himself on his Facebook on 12/08. I feel he’s given me permission to share it, and it really captures his indigo-ness and self-confidence:

1) I’ve been vegetarian for 4 years now. I just don’t like eating the meat of another animal. If someone else is eating meat in front of me it’s totally cool, just don’t want to have any for myself.

2) I’m a musical composer and I’ve made a hell of a lot of stuff.

3) I’ve been really into photography as well since like 8th grade.

4) I haven’t significantly cut my hair since the summer of 7th grade. But you never know.

5) I’m an introvert, meaning I use up my energy being around people so I need a lot of alone time to regain it. (opposed to extrovert) As much as I love hanging out with friends and all, I like to spend most of my time by myself.

6) I’m really open about everything and would tell anyone pretty much anything.

7) I like, for the most part, every kind of music in existence. (like, rule out a bit of country and most children’s lol) You can tell when you see both Slipknot and Enya in my library. XD

8) I accept everything about everyone. If you’re the total opposite of me, that’s cool, I respect it. I might not agree with your beliefs or ideas but who says I have in order to get along?

9) I don’t even remotely associate myself with any religion or position on the question of God. The only thing on the topic of religion I’m against is when hardcore Mormons tell you if you don’t join them you’ll go to hell. The way I see it, there’s only a hell if you create one for yourself.

10) I’m gay. No, I don’t associate myself with rainbows and I don’t do the stereotypical flip of the hand. No, I don’t have an obnoxious voice all female friends. No, I don’t try to come on to every guy I see or would even want to. I simply like other guys. That’s… all being gay means. XD

11) I appreciate beauty in everything, may it be a landscape or the rust on a building.

12) I don’t like dealing with absurdly immature people (aka about half of the freshman class) or people who are so annoying that they’ll most likely be shot some day for pissing off some huge guy with a rifle. lol

13) I don’t like the extremes of both pessimism or optimism. When you’re so happy you try to ignore everything bad that’s happening, you’re only creating more problems. And of course, when the only thing you ever do is piss and moan about random shit that’s happened to you doesn’t get anyone anywhere.

14) It’s soooo frustrating when movies have terrible endings. It’s like, everything’s going so great and get better and better and better until right when someone opens their mouth to say something the screen goes black and the ending credits come up. >.>

15) When people can’t type with at least somewhat proper grammar online to save their life. Or when conversations go hey, wuts up, nmu, nm jc. and then no one says anything else for two hours when someone says g2g cya, kk bye. Is your life seriously that boring? XD

16) I’m extremely sensitive. If I’m completely useless when I’m trying to help or do or say something really stupid, it really gets to me and I start to sulk. I also pick up heavily on other’s emotions. If there’s a sad atmosphere about some place I’ll start to get a little sad, or if everyone’s laughing I might start too even if I don’t know what for. :P