Messages from Jason

Writings by Vyola Myst inspire spiritual awakening. Michelle Herrera Foster, Ph.D. has been a creative writer since childhood, and her passion for writing was resurrected the night her 17-year old son Jason passed over in a car accident, when she received beautiful and healing messages from him. They are merged and doing healing work together.

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Within hours of her teen son Jason’s death in a car accident, Michelle received clear communications from him with profound spiritual messages about death, life, love, transformation, healing, and evolution. She maintained a blog of these freshly transmitted messages, written in her voice with some quotes from her spirit son, for over two years. “Messages from Jason” weaves together these blog entries with some of Jason’s digital photography and writings into a journey of love and inspiration. These channeled messages and Michelle’s experiences of them have helped her and many others to move through grief, to connect with their beloved departed, and to live life even more fully after death. Three years after Jason’s passing, his spirit continues to connect Vyola Myst (Michelle’s new name) to the “other side” to channel information and provide spirit guides and healing to others.